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Planning Your Ceremony Music

When you close your eyes and imagine your walk down the aisle, what do you hear?

Maybe you imagine getting married to contemporary tunes with lyrics expressing your feelings.

Is the room filled with the spectacular sounds of a huge pipe organ, or possibly the soft lull a string quartet or acoustic guitar?

Choosing the music for your wedding can be a bit intimidating. There are no rules concerning which music is played at a wedding. The easiest way to get started is to think about the mood you are trying to set for you and your guests at different times during the ceremony.

Select each item below to review popular traditional and contemporary choices for your ceremony music.

  • Prelude
    The Prelude is an interval of music starting 20 to 30 minutes prior to your ceremony. Your Prelude music establishes the tone for your wedding.
  • Processional
    The processional is the entrance of the wedding party. You'll want to select beautiful and grand music, while still saving the best for your entrance!
  • Interlude/Unity Candle
    The Interlude/Unity Candle takes place during the ceremony. The music is played in the background and should set the tone for, not over-power, the unity candle lighting or other rituals.
  • Recessional
    The recessional music is played after your kiss and carries you and your wedding party as you leave the altar. It should be similar in style to the processional music, but a little more upbeat with a "happy" sound.

A note of caution: Some churches and temples will not allow secular music to be played in the building or sanctuary. Your church organist or wedding officiate should be able to explain any restrictions.


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